Hjælp til franske landskabsarkitektstuderende?


Danske Anlægsgartnere har fået en henvendelse fra en erhvervsskole i Normandiet (Horti-Pôle Evreux). De søger kort beskrevet virksomheder, som vil tage imod en (eller flere?) landskabsarkitektstuderende i en periode på 4-9 uger næste sommer. Tilsyneladende er formålet at give dem både internationalt udsyn og konkret erfaring med udføre diverse anlægsgartnertekniske opgaver. De nærmere omstændigheder er ikke fastlagt, men kontaktoplysninger er i bunden.

Nedenfor er mailen:

We are teachers in a vocational school in Normandy, France. Our school proposes a two-year course after A-levels in landscaping which qualifies students to work in companies to create and maintain gardens.

For years we have aimed at opening our students to a professional European and international context. Thus we ask them to do a training period of 4 to 9 weeks between June 18 and August 31 2018 in a company abroad.

This company should help them develop skills in creating and designing gardens, also in maintaining gardens and plants, identifying flowers or plants, installing walkways, patios or outdoor lightings.

We are currently looking for companies which would accept to have one or more students and willing to provide them working conditions matching the course requirements as mentioned above. At the end of their studies our students are expected to perform various gardening duties in order to turn outdoor spaces into functional and attractive areas, and some of them will have to pilot projects to create value from the land. This training period is all the more important for them as they are asked to use it to write a placement report which will be a major point to pass their certification.

We were wondering if you could help us either find or provide some addresses of companies matching our requirements. Your help would be most welcome.

Isabelle Ciron


Correspondante locale coopération internationale

Espace Ressources


02 32 28 26 32 – 06 31 56 17 96